About Us

Highland Hills Middle School PTO serves the students, families, faculty, and staff of Highland Hills Middle School, located in Georgetown, Indiana. Meetings are typically held at 4pm on the first Monday of the month in the Media Center (library) at school, though sometimes the date shifts due to conflicts with scheduled breaks.  A new schedule is set each year.  All families, faculty, and staff are welcome and encouraged to attend our meetings.

Our many involved parents allow us to provide extra programs and funding to our teachers and students.  Some of these include:

For Students:

New Student Reception–This is a snack social for students who have transferred into Highland Hills from other schools.

Spring and Fall Treats–This is a student treat for the entire student body.  Typically given the last day before Winter break and Spring break.

Success Cards–Distributed after each quarter, Green Cards recognize students with all A’s, and Gold Cards recognize students with a combination of A’s and B’s.  These cards award students free food and beverages at various local restaurants.

Jaguar Day–This event allows the students to celebrate the end of the school year with fun, indoor/outdoor activities.

8th Grade Celebration–The outgoing eighth graders have a huge celebration, complete with food, fun, and gifts.  This is typically scheduled for the last full week of school.

For Teachers:

Jag Cart–This is provided each semester.  It is a small snack or beverage typically delivered to the classroom to remind teachers and staff that we appreciate all they do.

Teacher Conference Dinners–Parent/Teacher conferences require the teachers to remain at school over the dinner hour. Dinner is provided by the PTO to show our appreciation of their dedication to our students.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon/Breakfast–Lunch/Breakfast is provided to the teachers during special times of the year.

Classroom Funds–We provide funding to each teacher for materials and books that help make the teacher’s jobs easier.

Classroom Grants–We allow teachers to apply for additional funds for larger things that can make the learning experience better for students.


We hope you’ll consider donating or volunteering today!  Email President@hhmspto.net with any questions.