Agenda and Minutes

This will be the place where we post agenda for upcoming meetings as well as the minutes from past meetings.  If you aren’t able to attend a meeting, you can still stay informed via the minutes!

Minutes, July 2016 executive session: HHMSPTOMINUTESjuly2016

Minutes, August 2016 meeting: HHMSPTOMINUTESAug2016

Agenda, September 2016 meeting: hhms-pto-agenda-9-19-16

Minutes, September 2016: HHMSPTOMINUTESSept2016

Agenda, October 2016: HHMS PTO AGENDA 10-20-16

Minutes, October 2016:

Agenda, November 2016: HHMS PTO AGENDA 11-17-16

Minutes, November 2016:

December 2016–No meeting

Agenda, January 2017: HHMS PTO AGENDA 1-23-17-1

Minutes, January 2017: HHMS PTO AGENDA 1-23-17-1

Agenda, February 2017: HHMS PTO AGENDA 2-20-17

Minutes, February 2017:

Agenda, March 2017:

Minutes, March 2017:

Agenda, April 2017: Agenda4-17-17

Minutes, April 2017:

Agenda, May 2017: Agenda5-15-17

Executive Session Minutes, June 2018: HHMS PTO Exec Board Meeting Minutes 6.25.18