Jags/8th Grade Bash Info

Jag Families,

We wanted to give you all some information to help our Jags/8th Grade Bash run smoothly. As you know, Friday is the Jags Bash for those kids who’ve RSVP’d. Parents should bear right in the main parking lot and circle up to the front doors to drop off 6th/7th and 8th graders. At pick up, we need parents to park and walk up to the front awning to meet their students. Students will receive shirts at lunch today (Thursday) and should wear them to school on Friday. If they are absent on Thursday at lunch, we will have their shirts at the Bash on Friday. Those who have not paid for their shirts must bring their money to the Bash. A very limited number of extra shirts will be for sale at the Bash for $10 each.

Drop off times are as follows: 5th graders – stay after school & meet in back of auditorium; 6th/7th: 5:30pm; 8th: 7:45pm.

Pick up times: 5th: 5:45pm; 6th/7th: 7:45pm; 8th: 10pm.

Thank you again to all our amazing parents who have volunteered their time to make the Jags/8th Grade Bash happen! We’re looking forward to a fun night to celebrate our students’ hard work this year!