ISTEP/Book Fair changes

We wanted to let everyone know that there were some changes to the ISTEP schedule this morning that changed when some classes are going to Book Fair. The changes affected mostly 7th/8th graders and involved the original Monday and Wednesday schedules getting flip flopped. If your student was expecting to go to Book Fair Wednesday but went today instead and did not have money, have them speak with their English teacher about going at a different time this week (e.g. going during lunches is an easy option). Students without money were still allowed to look around and take notes on things they wanted so they can purchase later.  If you signed up to volunteer during your student’s Book Fair time slot and that time changed today, you can review the schedule at our Sign Up Genius at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0d4cada629a3fd0-scholastic Just know that the Monday and Wednesday schedules are flip flopped from what is listed there (e.g. Bizzell, Woodruff, and Vorgang will go Wednesday instead of Monday as listed on the Sign Up Genius). We can still use a few more volunteers, as well, so feel free to sign up!

Also, with ISTEP’s change to just Monday and Tuesday of this week, we will hand out the remainder of our treats at lunches tomorrow, Tuesday February 28 and will not distribute any on Wednesday. We can still use a few more hands for ISTEP treats, so if you can help, please email President Connie Hynes at president@hhmspto.net.

Many thanks to all our volunteers who make our school such a great place!